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                             is a 21-Day healthy living program that uses a holistic approach to practically incorporate good habits into everyday life. It is centered around self. PhitPhoenix focuses on finding the time, organization, and inner power to ignite the best self possible. This program is designed to be extremely approachable for all skill levels. Workouts and meal guides gradually progress from week-to-week to facilitate a smooth lifestyle transition and fuse good practices into daily routines. PhitPhoenix provides the tools and information necessary to succeed.

3 Phase Program

It's as simple as 1, 2, 3... Our 21 day program includes the following three phases to produce the best results during your program.

Meal Plan

Meal Plan

Full Grocery List

Price Estimates

Thorough Meal Prep Execution

Recipes for Meals, Snacks, Seasonings, & Condiments.

Hourly Eating Schedule

One Cheat Day per Week

Fitness Plan

Resistance Workouts

Cardio Workouts

High Intensity Workouts

Daily Circuits

Exercise Breakdown

Exercise GIF Library

21 Day Plan

You Time

Inexpensive Treats

Meditation Techniques

Mind Shut off

Peaceful Places

Product Lists


Self Love

M E E T   Y O U R  # P H I T C O A C H

                                  is a virtual fitness lifestyle coaching program that assists individuals in developing realistic, healthy habits. PhitPhoenix conveniently places approachable workouts of various skill levels, step-by-step nutritional guides, self-care tips, and daily support at your finger tips. PhitPhoenix gradually progresses to smoothly transition individuals into more advanced practices.


Tori Leigh Smith passionately curated PhitPhoenix for anyone seeking to be phit but lacks the time, organization, and knowledge necessary to live a healthy lifestyle. Tori carefully considered client hardships and utilized months of research and experimentation in homes, gyms, markets, and kitchens to develop solutions in the form of a holistic program. Tori is an ISSA Certified Trainer with a lifetime of athletic experience. She was a former All-Big XII, All-Region, National Level Competitor, collegiate sprinter/hurdler at Texas Tech University where she received a Master's in Chemical Engineering.


J O I N  T H E  T R I B E,  L E T ' S   G E T  P H I N E

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